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Coronavirus in Florida

Coronavirus is huge in the news these days. And people are understandably concerned. Where should you avoid going? Are large groups OK? Is it safe to be outside? Inside? How do you protect yourself with something that is such a massive mystery at the moment?

As Florida reports its first two confirmed cases of the Covid-19 strand of Coronavirus, and Governor DeSantis declares a state of emergency for the Sunshine State, we wanted to get ahead of this virus a bit and reassure our clients, both current and future, as well as their families, that we are monitoring the situation very closely and are more than prepared to keep our staff and clients safe.

In fact, our staff is a major reason that the Coronavirus will not be a major concern here at our facility.

To begin with, our outstanding facilities team is relentless in their pursuit of a clean and sanitary facility. Every nook and cranny of every space that our clients and staff inhabit here at Compass Detox is cleaned and sanitized daily. Our food service team is incredibly well versed in maintaining sanitary conditions within their spaces and with their served meals and snacks. Any concern is dealt with immediately and with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. Our facilities team is more than ready to tackle the complicated issues that come with ensuring that any virus, or other type of illness, will not enjoy conditions anywhere near a level that would allow for easy spreading.

In addition to our facilities team, our amazing medical staff stand ready as well. Here at Compass, our doctors and nurses are healthcare professionals. Sure, they are here to help our clients move through detox in the most comfortable, successful way possible, but they are, in the end, healthcare professionals. They understand illnesses of all sorts, they know how to spot signs and symptoms, they know how to treat all manner of conditions, and they have excellent connections throughout South Florida’s larger medical world. Should any client begin to show the signs and symptoms of Covid-19, or any other such illness, our medical team is prepared to act quickly and decisively to ensure that there is no spread of the illness and that the client who may be exhibiting such signs and symptoms will be comfortable and treated appropriately without any risk whatsoever to our other clients and staff.

Here at Compass Detox, we take the health of clients very seriously. We know that detox may not be the only issue a client presents with, and we are more than prepared to tackle any issues that may come through our doors. 

So, while avoiding crowded spaces and the like will most likely become part of the good advice that healthcare and government officials will soon issue, and in some cases are already issuing, rest assured that Compass Detox is a controlled environment medically and has always been at the forefront of contamination control and suppressing disease spread, whether that be the common cold, or the Covid-19 strain of the Coronavirus.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 800.26.DETOX and ask any questions you might have. And please do not allow something like the Coronavirus to stop you from seeking treatment for your addiction. We are ready to help you, and to ensure that our facility is ready to help you as well.