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Miami Music Week

Miami is slightly chaotic these days. Ultra Music Festival has been canceled, as has the much loved Calle Ocho Festival. Other major events upcoming hang in the balance as well, as organizers and city leaders keep a wary eye on Coronavirus developments day to day.

But, despite all of that, we are still Miami, and people are flocking to town in their thousands for a multitude of reasons. Chief amongst those reasons officially began this past weekend – Spring Break. Coming next week is Miami Music Week – and yes, that is still very much on. Ultra may be the crown jewel in Miami Music Week, but it is by no means the only music and entertainment centric thing happening during that week. Music lovers will still have a full spectrum of pool parties, after parties, concerts, and events to choose from throughout the week.

This culture of loving life and living it to its fullest potential is core Miami. Leave nothing left in the tank, spend all of the energy. There’s no time to waste and no sense in reserving your passion. Just go.

While a huge portion of that lifestyle is good, pure, and a celebration of what it means to be alive, there is an underlying danger inherent there. 

Freedom is definitely an amazing gift. Freedom allows you to choose your own path and write your own story. Freedom will take your hand and lead you down some of the most beautiful paths you will ever experience. But, for some, Freedom’s carefree hand of guidance can quickly turn into a vice grip around their throat. The path that they thought they knew and thought that they wanted has quickly turned into a spiraling nightmare that they no longer have the freedom to escape from.

The line between those two things can be very slim. Life is definitely meant to be lived with the utmost passion possible. But, life is meant to be lived. Addiction can end that meaning very quickly.

We love our community. We love our locals and those who visit our community for a taste of that Miami lifestyle. It is exactly that love of our community, and our own love of this Miami lifestyle – and life on a whole – that drives us to support our community and become involved in as much of what our community loves as possible.

Next week is, again, Miami Music Week. And, despite the Coronavirus, many hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors alike will venture out into the Miami lifestyle wilderness and live. And we will be amongst them! We’ve partnered with Miami’s own Revolution 93.5 to help bring a huge chunk of Miami lifestyle to the masses. We’ll be there alongside them celebrating the freedom to love, dance, listen, experience. And, should freedom take an ugly turn, we’ll be there then too. We’ll help break addiction’s grip and get them back onto a path of existing that they had always hoped for, one that allows them to experience life in all of its glory, without any of its darkness.