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Nutritional and Vitamin Therapy is Essential in Alcohol Detox and Alcoholism Recovery

Imagine this: you have a few drinks with some friends and you have a great night. You do this again every weekend. Every weekend turns into weekdays, sometimes with your friends and sometimes in your living room alone. Some days, you start drinking in the morning to get your day started and suddenly, you can’t live without a drink in your hand.

More than 75,000 deaths annually are attributed to the excessive consumption of alcohol, according to Ralph W. Hingson, a Professor at the Boston University School of Public Health. Excessive Alcohol Consumption is also the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States.

Alcoholism (AUD) is a chronic disease characterized by the inability to control drinking due to both a physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Those who struggle with alcoholism feel as though they cannot function normally without alcohol. In turn, this affects their professional goals, personal matters, and the family and friends in their lives.

Alcoholism is a tough journey to go through. Fortunately, there are ways to treat it so the person can wean off their dependency and find their old selves again.

How Can Nutritional Therapy Help?

Nutritional Therapy is just what it sounds like: an evidence-based approach to improving one’s health through individually formulated nutritional and lifestyle changes. The idea is that if you pair a well-balanced lifestyle with prepared, nutrient-dense and whole food diets, you can improve one’s mental, physical and emotional state.

This kind of therapy has its origins from ancient Greece, China, India, and Europe. In fact, the first recorded dietary advice was carved into a Babylonian stone tablet in 2500 B.C.; it warned others that if you were in pain, avoid eating onions for three days.

Its goal is to identify a health concern, in this case alcoholism, and then recommend a revised lifestyle plan that includes the appropriate foods and nutrients.

What is Vitamin Therapy?

Using vitamins to prevent or cure a disease is commonly used in today’s day and age. Vitamin Therapy can be used alongside another treatment to provide the person with the right anti-oxidants and vitamins.

Studies have shown that Vitamin Therapy has proven to help with chronic illnesses. It is important to discuss with a doctor before adding vitamin therapy to your daily routine to ensure it will work to its fullest to make sure there is a positive lifestyle outcome.

How Is Therapy Essential To Getting Clean?

It is already hard enough to admit you or a loved one has an alcohol problem but once this has been admitted, the process to detox from alcohol can begin. Alcohol detoxification is the abrupt cessation of alcohol intake in individuals that suffer from alcohol dependence; it is the first step in treating alcoholism.

As the alcohol is flushing from your body, withdrawal symptoms will begin to show. These can be as serious as tremors, seizures, disorientation and extreme hallucinations, to more minor symptoms such as sweating, anxiety, headaches, and nausea. It is important to remember that the timeline for recovery varies from person to person; the time that withdrawal symptoms begin to show depends on how severe your dependence on alcohol was.

While alcohol is leaving your body, in addition to medical help, it is important to treat the alcohol detox with therapies such as Nutrition Therapy and Vitamin Therapy. After being dependent on alcohol for so long, it is important to try to get back to your body’s natural state before life with a drink in your hand. With the help of important nutrients and vitamins, a healthier diet and lifestyle can make the alcohol detox a bit more bearable.

Bottom line, the goal of Nutrition and Vitamin Therapy is to identify and treat underlying biochemical imbalances so the brain and the rest of the body can return to balance. That is why dietary changes and supplements is a key part of any alcohol detox. Nutritional Therapy and Vitamin Therapy can also help restore physical and mental health in those who suffer from alcoholism.

According to William Billica, MD, at InnerBalance Health Center for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Loveland, Colorado states that “if you give the brain the nutrients it needs to get past biochemical and genetic deficiencies, inefficiencies, and blockages, people treated for addiction have a better chance of staying sober.” As a result, it is important to use these therapies to help those who are addicted to alcohol.

For example, alcohol addicts tend to have a zinc deficiency. Nutritional Therapy can help increase their zinc intake through meat, whole grains, nuts, and dairy products.

Other positive aspects from using therapy side-to-side with alcohol detox is that it can help a patient stabilize their mood, reduce stress, heal and nourish the body, and reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. Additionally, this kind of therapy can also address any other medical conditions that have either co-occurred or have resulted from substance abuse. Overall, the goal is to encourage self-care and a much healthier lifestyle.

Who Can Benefit from Using Nutritional Therapy and Vitamin Therapy With Their Alcohol Detox?

Because alcohol can impact people of many ages, both Nutritional Therapy and Vitamin Therapy can benefit anyone who has been under the influence. Studies show that those who began drinking before the age of 14 were more likely to experience alcohol dependence overall, especially within the next ten years of their life.

Luckily, both therapies don’t have an age restrictions since they both benefit anyone who is trying to detox from alcohol. A healthy lifestyle aided by vitamins, nutrition, and professionals is never a bad choice for anyone, especially those who need it.

How Long Does It Take To Get Better?

While there is no set timeline for getting better, it does take time, hard work, dedication and perseverance. Especially with the support from loved ones and professional assistance at a detox center, it is possible to be sober once again with the help of Nutritional Therapy and Vitamin Therapy.

The end of your pain is closer than you think.

If you or a loved one need help detoxing from alcohol, please contact one of our intake professionals to discover how we can help.

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