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6 Reasons Not to Detox from Alcohol on Your Own

If you have made the choice to get sober, that is amazing. Many people live their entire lives and never even admit they have an alcohol addiction. You are already on the right path and you should be extremely proud of yourself for this decision. Now that you have made this decision, you can decide to detox with an outpatient detox program, inpatient detox program, or detox on your own at home.

With this being said, there are some things that you need to think about when deciding where you are going to detox. You need to consider your safety, the comfort of getting sober, and your alcohol abuse history. You should also consider your past, current, and future health. While taking these things into consideration, it is helpful to know some of the reasons why you shouldn’t detox from alcohol on your own.

Your Safety

One of the things that you should consider when you are deciding where you are going to detox from alcohol is your safety. For some people, the alcohol detox process is quite unpredictable. If you have been drinking alcohol for a long time, 3 years or more, for instance, you may have a more difficult time getting sober. In addition, if you have been abusing drugs along with alcohol, you may have additional troubles when getting sober. Some people do have seizures or lose consciousness when getting sober. This isn’t meant to scare you. It is just important that you realize that if you attend an alcohol detox program, instead of detoxing on your own at home, you can get the medical assistance you need while detoxing.

You won’t have experienced professionals in your home to help take care of you during the detox process. If you choose to go to a detox facility, you can get medications to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. You will also have around-the-clock medical support if and when it is needed.

While you may be worried about the withdrawal symptoms, if you choose to get help from a detox facility, you can be made to feel more comfortable during the detox process.

Your Comfort

If you have decided to detox from alcohol, it is important to know that doing this on your own at home will probably be quite uncomfortable. You won’t have the professional help that you would get from a detox facility. There won’t be medications in your home that can help you with the symptoms of withdrawal. At an alcohol detox facility, the staff members can help make you more comfortable through therapy and medications.

In addition, if you try detoxing at home, you have to worry about other people hindering your process. If you detox in a professional facility, you can get some peace and quiet during this process, as well as removing enablers and familiar using partners from your life.

If you live in a home where others are abusing alcohol or drugs, this could make it very uncomfortable for you to detox. When you choose an alcohol detox facility to detox at, you won’t be around anyone else who is drinking or doing drugs. Everyone who is there is either detoxing or helping people to detox.

Your Relapse Risk

If you are trying to detox at home on your own, your risk of relapsing is going to be much higher than if you were detoxing at a professional alcohol detox facility. There are numerous reasons why this is the case.

One of the reasons why your relapse risk will be higher when trying to detox at home is because you may be living with others who are still drinking or using drugs. Having these harmful substances in the home when you are trying to detox can make it very tough to resist using them.

Another reason why you will have a higher risk of relapsing when trying to detox at home is that you are more likely to drink again if things feel difficult. For instance, if you start feeling the symptoms of withdrawal at home, you are much more likely to pick up that bottle of alcohol again. If you experience these symptoms of withdrawal in an alcohol detox facility, you will have the support and help that you need from the medical team to get through it all. You still may have the cravings and urge to drink again, but you won’t be able to when you are in an alcohol detox facility.

You may have a higher risk of relapsing when detoxing at home because you don’t have the support system you would have while in an alcohol detox facility. Maybe your family members and friends aren’t as supportive of your sobriety and recovery journey as you would like them to be. This can make it quite difficult to get and stay sober. However, if you detox in an alcohol detox facility, you can get the support you need from others who are detoxing and from the team of professionals in the facility. After getting that support and the resources you need to stay sober after you leave the facility, you will be less likely to relapse.

Your Peace of Mind

Trying to detox from alcohol at home can be extremely difficult. You may have the worries of continuing to care for your children, handling all the household errands, and much more. These worries can distract you from your sobriety. However, if you choose to detox with the help of an alcohol detox facility, you can have peace of mind. You will be surrounded by people who are focused entirely on your sobriety. They want to see you get sober and they are there to help. You won’t be distracted about taking care of everyone else.

Your Support and Extra Services

If you detox from alcohol at home, you may not have all the support and services that you need to get and stay sober. If you choose to detox at an alcohol detox facility, you will have the psychological, emotional, and physical support that you need. You will have withdrawal support, therapy services, and other detox and recovery services available around-the-clock.

Your Continued Care

Detoxing from alcohol on your own means that you don’t get continued care. You are responsible for getting all the help that you need on your own. However, at an alcohol detox facility program, the professionals at the facility can help you with all manner of issues that may arise. They can give you the continued care that you need. For instance, they can call you up after you leave the facility to see how you are doing. They can recommend recovery programs and other recovery resources for your continued sobriety and recovering lifestyle. In short, you will have a well built support system upon discharge that detoxing from home just cannot give you.

There is no cure for alcohol addiction. However, that does not mean that you can’t learn to live a sober and recovering lifestyle. If you get the help that you need to detox from an alcohol detox facility and recovery program, you can live a healthier and substance-free lifestyle.