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The Rise of Boredom & It’s Affect on Addicts

Boredom. It’s a slippery slope, especially for addicts. It begins as something not so horrid, easily bypassed; but it can quickly turn into something that will destroy goals and ruin a solid mind. And when that boredom is forced upon you by authorities beyond your control, it can become unbearable.

Now, Compass Detox is open and ready to help guide you or your loved ones successfully through an addiction crisis. We can help you defeat that monster today! But, what if you’re not quite to that point yet. You feel boredom, and maybe loneliness, becoming a bit too much to handle, but you’re not in crisis mode just yet.

Well, this is the situation that this blog is geared toward today.

Miami-Dade and Broward counties, along with many other communities in our state, have issued stay-at-home orders. Normal outlets to help alleviate boredom and loneliness are shuttered during this time. How can you keep your mind occupied, stop it from wandering too far and perhaps crossing into a dangerous territory where temptation to use exists?

Top 5 suggestions on how to stave off boredom during this quarantining time

1. Go Live

What is your talent? What’s your opinion? What are you enjoying right now? What’s happening in your life right now that others might find fascinating? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more all offer the opportunity for you to create videos on whatever you want and share those out to the world. Create a conversation around something you’re passionate about, or just because. A one-off, a series, it doesn’t matter. You’d be surprised what people latch onto and enjoy.

2. Go Live pt. 2.

Skype, Zoom, etc. There are also numerous services out there that allow you to digitally hangout with friends and family. It doesn’t matter if you’re thousands of miles away from them, you can feel like they’re right there. Some expand on this and organize virtual dinner parties, Netflix watch parties, etc. The options are endless!

3. New Quarantine, New You.

Now that your days are severely limited in options, you finally have time to work on your fitness! Maybe this has never been a thing for you, maybe it’s a passion, either way, fitness not only passes the time and makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, it helps create a strong, healthy you as well. A you that can handle anything. It’s also an excellent way to get outside at least once per day and improve your health, as most stay at home orders currently allow for solo or very small group fitness out-of-doors. Exhausting the body satiates the mind and helps control cabin fever.

4. Discover.

Just like your body, your brain needs some working out as well. Currently, resources are nearly endless and possibilities are numerous. Here in Miami-Dade, all libraries have vast digital archives with all manner of things to read and explore. Now is a great time to learn a new language, virtually wander a palace or museum (many are offering this for free online right now), and much more. In today’s day and age, a huge amount of resources are at your fingertips!

5. Be A Resource.

Fellow addicts may be much closer to a breakdown than you will ever be. Reach out to your group, your friends, people you’ve met in rehab, detox, group, etc. Become a resource for them. Share your toolkit for making it through, your advice. Most of the time, a caring and understanding voice is all someone needs to make it through. You can be that, right now, for someone in need.

Seek Addiction Treatment

Should you or a loved one find this time, or any time, to be too trying, too much to handle, then Compass Detox is here for you right now. Our staff and facility are extremely well equipped to handle this current crisis and ensure that your addiction has no chance of winning. Call 800.26.DETOX today if you need help.