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What Makes Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment So Unique?

Compass Detox is a south-Florida based state-of-the-art drug and alcohol detox center located in beautiful Pembroke Pines, FL. Compass offers South Florida, and beyond, a multitude of personalized treatment options that help to ensure that the detox and withdrawal processes will be as smooth as possible and that clients will have the very best opportunities to start and stay on the path to permanent recovery and sobriety.

The team of medical professionals and therapeutic professionals at Compass are unparalleled in the industry and have helped many suffering from addiction open a new door on life’s possibilities. Whether you’re looking for Florida alcohol detox or drug detox in Florida, get in touch with an intake professional at Compass Detox and begin your journey to recovery today at one of the top detox centers in south Florida.

Our goal is your success, your ongoing sobriety, your return to normal. At Compass Detox’s recovery center in south Florida, recovery is waiting.

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The caring team of doctors, nurses, and clinicians at Compass Detox are dedicated to providing individualized programs and round-the-clock care for each individual who walks through our doors. Each member of our team has undergone extensive training to handle even the most difficult detox cases in a safe and secure manner.

Compass Detox utilizes a 40-bed capacity, spread out over our 18,000 square foot facility. We’re located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, just half an hour outside of Miami. A wide range of high-end amenities are available to our visitors during every step of the detox process. We want you to be comfortable and cared for while you’re here.

Our facility is small and private so many professionals such as doctors, nurses, law enforcement, sports figures, etc. travel to us from all over the country and the world. The concerns of history of drug-abuse is very real and warranted and should be a strong consideration when seeking drug addiction treatment. At the Compass Detox Center, your confidentiality is our priority as you overcome your drug dependency.

See why Compass Detox is one of the best drug & alcohol detox facilities in Florida!

Simon S.
Previous Client
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All the staff at compass went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and the facility was immaculate. They have so many different variety of games activities and therapeutic group sessions to help you in your recovery. It is the nicest facility I have been in and is comfortable. Being so comfortable and having a lot of things to keep us busy was very helpful to my recovery. Guaranteed the best detox in South Florida. They are there to really help you and make sure you have all your needs met. I like the design of the whole place and our rooms are impeccable. It is like a five star hotel and a detox put into one. All my needs were met that they make sure the only thing I have to worry about is myself and focus only on my recovery. Thank you for really helping me in my recovery.
Alyssa G.
Previous Client
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I tried to fight it when I got there. I didn't want to surrender but looking at my time there. It's the b st detox I've ever been too. They do everything they can to accommodate your every need. The staff is great. And they have a lot of options on what to do. ~Ally
‎Leisha U.
Family Member of Previous Client
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A great big thank you to Chris at Compass Detox for helping one of our kids get started on his journey to recovery. Community support means everything to us at The Addict's Mom. Thank you so very much!!!

Why Choose Compass Detox

Is our Florida-based drug & alcohol detox program right for you?

Conveniently located within easy driving distance from airports in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Compass Detox serves clients from both South Florida and around the nation. Offering alcohol detox, drug detox, and overall addiction treatment – through both medications and therapy – Compass is a well-rounded addiction treatment facility offering luxurious accommodations, catered meals, a 24/7 snack bar, game room, movie theater room, hair salon and barber services, professional massage services, nail services, and much more.

From the moment of admission, clients at Compass participate in a drug and alcohol detox treatment plan that is tailor-made for them and their own unique situation. The medical detox treatment a client receives during their stay at Compass is overseen by our doctor and nursing team, a medical team that is uniquely positioned to treat every form of addiction in the most effective way possible. In addition to medical treatment, our therapy team will craft a schedule of group and individual therapies that will help ensure that each client is able to build a recovery and sustained sobriety plan that best works for them. Staff at Compass are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.


South Florida's Compass Detox Treatment Specialties

While Compass Detox is qualified to treat all forms of alcohol and drug addiction, we specialize in treatment of the following:

Alcohol Detox

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Benzo Detox

Treatment for Benzodiazepine Addiction

Cocaine Detox

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Heroin Detox

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Methadone Detox

Treatment for Methadone Addiction

Meth Detox

Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

Opiate Detox

Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Prescription Drug Detox

Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

Suboxone Detox

Treatment for Suboxone Addiction


Relaxed, Inspired & Distraction-Free

Relaxing and peaceful atmosphere
Relaxing and peaceful atmosphere
Common and creative spaces
Common and creative spaces
Semi-private bedrooms w/ private bathrooms
Semi-private bedrooms w/ private bathrooms

Group therapy and support

Group therapy and support


Get Started on Your Road to Recovery in Comfort



Feeling clean is part of your recovery. Get your hair cut by professional barbers every day of the week.

Nail Salon

Nail Salon

Need to be able to get your nails done? Don’t worry. Our professional nail techs have you covered.

Professional Massages

Professional Massages

Ensuring your body is in sync with your mental recovery, we offer professional massages for all of our clients.

Theater Room

Theater Room

In your downtime, you’ll have access to our modern theater room.

Gourmet Meals

Gourmet Meals

Our talented chefs will ensure that your meals are exciting and nutritious.

Game Room

Game Room

To help blow off some steam, you’ll have access to our game room.

24/7 Snack Bar

24/7 Snack Bar

Feeling hungry between meals? Don’t worry, you’ll have access to our anck bar 24/7.

Semi-private Bathroom & Showers

Semi-private Bathroom & Showers

When detoxing from drugs or alcohol, our facility offers semi-private bathrooms.

Guided Meditation & Yoga

Guided Meditation & Yoga

To help calm your mind during your transition, we offer guided yoga & meditation.

3 Levels of Treatment at Compass Detox

At Compass Detox, our team of medical professionals will ensure that all your recovery needs are met. Our treatment process includes 3 levels of care: evaluation, stabilization and aftercare.


During evaluation, a staff member will assess your state and craft a unique program of recovery for you. We will find out the types of drugs and how often you used in order to set you up on the safest path possible. A doctor will also look for possible co-occurring disorders, or the presence of a mental illness that could impact your recovery. We treat mind, body, and spirit so this thorough evaluation will set you on the right path.


The stabilization process is where we will medically manage all of your withdrawal symptoms experienced during your separation from substances. Stabilization can sometimes be a difficult time but your safety and comfort are of the highest importance to us at Compass Detox. During this time you’ll have access to all of the amenities available at our facility to keep you entertained. Our staff will be available around the clock during the stabilization process if you need any assistance.


Compass Detox focuses on the detoxification process in order to treat withdrawal symptoms to the best of our ability, so we direct you to outside help for aftercare. If you haven’t already made arrangements, towards the end of your treatment at Compass Detox, you will work with a member of our staff who will help with your decision and eventually your transfer to the facility of your choice.


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The Benefits of Going to a Florida Alcohol & Drug Detox Facility

Those that suffer from drug addiction or Alcohol Use Disorder know how hard it is to attempt recovery alone, especially as the withdrawal symptoms start. If you have come to the realization you may need to get help for your alcohol addiction or drug addiction, you have already taken a massive first step! The next step is most likely to attend an alcohol & drug detox facility like Compass Detox in Florida where you can safely get the help you need while being surrounded by a helpful medical detox professionals.

What does a Florida drug & alcohol detox center do?

Simply put, in addition to offering a safe medical environment to deal with drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms, a Florida drug & alcohol detox center provides specific treatment plans for each patient to help them overcome and identify the underlying issues that started their alcohol abuse or drug addiction.

While the obvious benefit of seeking treatment is to overcome addiction, here are five additional benefits to seeking recovery with a detox center in Florida:

Safe and Supportive Atmosphere

Safety is of the utmost importance for those seeking to recover from alcohol or drug addiction. Most professional treatment centers will provide medical emergency care, medicine regulation, and treatment for further psychiatric issues. Every patient’s safety is our priority and should be protected in the event of an unexpected medical emergency.

One of the largest benefits of attending an inpatient addiction treatment program in Florida is being surrounded by those who have walked along a similar path as you, who have experienced similar struggles, and want to succeed as much as you do. Peer support is a primary benefit of seeking treatment and it is crucial to succeed and maintain long-term success.

A Strong Sense of Focus and Commitment

Being placed into a safe and supportive environment naturally will lead to stronger commitment and focus. In a controlled environment, it makes it that much easier to not slip up or be tempted by outside influences. Chaos and distractions exist in everyday life, so it would be natural to achieve more success in a stable, controlled, medically-supervised detox facility in Florida where you can focus on recovery and healing.

Learning Relapse Prevention

The thought of relapse can be very scary for those seeking recovery. When seeking alcohol or drug treatment from a Florida-based detox facility like Compass Detox, patients can learn techniques to cope with feelings and other emotions that could have previously triggered a relapse or binge. While Compass Detox focuses on substance abuse detox treatment & minimizing alcohol & drug withdrawal symptoms, professional Florida detox & rehabilitation treatment will typically cover common things like:

  • Immediate medical detox support
  • Manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Nutritional support
  • Medication support
  • Handling social pressures
  • Codependency
  • Handling/avoiding high-risk situations
  • Guilt/shame
  • Long-term sobriety plans
  • Phases of recovery

A Focus on Health During Recovery

Seeking treatment at a state-of-the-art, Florida-based, inpatient detox program like Compass Detox means specialists will have a strong focus on improving health and nutrition. Alcohol dependence or drug addiction can deprive the body of important nutrients! That being said, receiving proper nutrition during recovery is essential, so being in a substance abuse detox center in Florida where patients receive well-balanced meals will only further aid their success!

Exercise can also work as a mood enhancer and way to keep one focused on bettering their mind & body during recovery. Getting their body moving daily helps restore faith themselves and strengthen their daily commitment to succeeding in recovery.

After Recovery Support

If you choose not to attend a drug or alcohol rehab center after your detox program, leaving such a supportive environment and entering back into the usual day-to-day life can be intimidating. If you choose to go to an in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation center, one of the most important benefits of receiving professional help is the continued support and encouragement that is offered to patients afterwards. Patients can also typically find ongoing recovery assistance through group meetings or local counselors. After entering back into day-to-day life, these pillars of support can help aid as a guide through setbacks, relapses, or anything patients may face post-treatment.

Whether you’re looking for an alcohol detox program in Florida or drug detox in Florida, we want to help addicts & alcoholics that are struggling to recover receive the healing and treatment they need, leading to lasting recovery. If you’re seeking alcohol detoxification a or drug detox center in Florida, allow Compass Detox to be the safe and supporting environment you need during your detox & recovery process. Contact us today!

Google Maps Directions to Compass Detox, a Drug & Alcohol Detox Facility, from Major Florida Airports

The closest major airports to Compass Detox are Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Miami International (MIA). Click on any of the links below for a map and driving directions to Compass Detox from these major Florida airports.